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Citch is a platform (with great human support) that makes it easy to create and manage ads in Facebook, Instagram, Google & Linkedin

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No Marketing experience required

We want to give new and growing businesses the power of marketing experts. With a guided solution that helps in every step of the way.

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Manage all your ads in one platform

Don't stress with the dashboards for each one, with Citch you can streamline ad creation and publishing with our simple guided solution

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We take care of everything for you

You choose your objective and the platform guides you through steps and recomendations until your ads are running automatically

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It works in every industry

There are different objectives that you can choose from that will work for your type of business

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  • Local Grocery Store
  • Animal Hospital
  • Car Dealership
  • Clothing Store
  • Carwash
  • Shipping Company
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Photographer
  • Cake Shop
  • Beauty Salon
  • Book Shop
  • Coffee Shop
  • Men's Clothing
  • Mechanic
  • Coffee Cart
  • Supermarket
  • Pizza Place
  • Flower Shop
  • Gym
  • Sushi Restaurant

What Clients are saying

It is extremely important that you are happy, if anything please contact us via support, and if you need to call us let us know!

Guillermo Wenzel

— For a small business owner like myself, running ads can be overwhelming, especially if you're doing so in multiple platforms and with limited to no experience. These ad platforms seem to be designed for experts, which was frustrating for me. With Citch, I am able to run my ads on Facebook, Google, and Instagram all from the same dashboard, and in a much easier and effective way than doing it on my own.

Mr Ventures

— I had tried doing my own ads on Instagram before by using their Promote feature, and while it was easy to set-up, it wasn't giving me the results I wanted, and I didn't want to hire an agency since my campaigns are pretty straightforward. Citch is a great solution for businesses like mine, because they take the complex, time-consuming stuff out of the way, and that allowed me to run my ads just as I wanted, with results that are likely similar to what I'd get from an agency, at a much lower rate.

Try it risk free

Take our 14 day trial to get going. And remember we are here for you, not just for technical support, but for any campaign and ad content questions as well!

What’s included
  • Unlimited Ad Spend
  • Unlimited Campaigns and Ads
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google & Linkedin

  • Unlimited Human Support including Campaign Recomendations

  • Cancel Anytime
14 day trial. No Credit Card Required.

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